Real Problems to Solve, Real Technology to Apply. PIE3's robotics programs are less about kids building robots than robots building  kids.  Our  programs for grades K-12 build creativity, develop entrepreneurial skills, encourage ingenuity and allow kids to take on challenges. Each level is described below, and also at w ww . usfi r st . o rg . See for local events and team information.

You can find out more and sign up to join at team where all the kids can play in college and the 'pros' in robotics, STEM, arts, and business (to name just a few) at the PIE3 website ( or by contacting one of the directors listed below.
     Rose Young

     Tom Milnes

High School

Students in grades 9-12 attending any school in  the area may  participate in FIRST Robotics Compe- tition (FRC), a competitive sport for the mind which demands the highest level of creativity, initiative and risk-taking.  There   are many different jobs on the team, from     mechanical building to  programming to videography to marketing. Meetings are at least once per week in the fall, and more often in winter. Fee for provisional membership is $25.

Elementary and Middle School

FIRST Lego League (FLL) kicks off in August, and it is the fastest-growing competitive robotics for 4th-8th grade.  JrFLL  runs all year long for younger kids.   High  school teams,in affiliation with  FARC and PIE3, will run our popular  summer sessions and we’ve added more in response to the demand. These sessions give an introduction to the programs and other topics. Look for signups in the spring.
This year’s competition for FLL will be held at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland on  January 16th. It is open to all, and volunteers are still needed!

For questions or to volunteer, contact: Rose Young

To register go to our registration website:

Robotics Summer Sessions
Sponsored by PIE3, the Robo-lions, affiliated FTC teams, and FARC creative crafts and team-building activities as well. GIRLS ONLY!!
Girls interested in these activities and not able to make this session are encouraged to enroll in any Lego Fun or the afternoon Advanced Lego Programming.
June 19-23, 1-4PM
LEGO Fun Session
Ages 8-12
Lego Fun includes an introduction to Lego EV3 programming for  mind-storms and SuGo games, a friendly and fun competition and all sorts of activities like paper airplanes, making buttons, and engineering challenges. On the final day, teams showcase their ro-bots and skills. Depending on the level of experience and interest, some modifications to the sessions may be made.
June 19-23, 9AM – 12PM
June 26-30, 9AM–12PM
July 10-14, 9AM-12PM
For all sessions - Robots, software, laptops and building materials provided. Snack included daily. The Robo-Lions and RoboCavs will bring robots to all sessions, and share their FIRST Robotics Com-petition Tech Challenge experience. FIRST teams ico-host the sessions and also bring robot demonstrations.
Additional sessions may be added based on enrollment. Dates and times are subject to change.
Location: Freedom Optimist Hall
Cost: $170 per session. Includes t-shirt & daily snack.
Girls in Engineering
Ages 8-12
This session will include engineering challenges like egg drop and bridge building, guest speakers, a field trip and, of course, Lego robots and SuGo. There will be many more
Advanced Lego Programming and Accomplishing Missions
Ages 9-12
Experience required.
This week-long exploration of advanced concepts in programming Mind-storm robots will be based on the EV3 programming language. Instructors include the incomparable Mr. Lee (from SCHS) and outstanding FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge team members. This session will stress the value of teamwork by grouping into teams of three or four members and teaching them to work as an FLL team does. Teams will work to build robots to accomplish multiple missions from past FLL challenges. The last hour will host a competition for friends and par-ents to watch. Some knowledge of NXT or EV3 programming language is required, or permission of the instructor.
June 26-30, 1-4PM
July 10-14, 1-4PM